Section Cutter

Adopts human-machine interface + PLC control system + automatic tension control system. The appearance design of the whole machine conforms to mechanical engineering, while fully integrating ergonomics and making it easy to operate.

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Section Cutter

Customized Process

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    Consultation and communication, determine the plan

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    Customized mold
    Sending material samples

  • Sign a contract after satisfaction

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    Start production

  • Quality inspection packing and delivery

  • After -sales follow -up

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Product Application Field

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  • Delivery method?

    Before the equipment is delivered, the commissioning personnel will carry out the inspection before delivery, and then submit it to the professional packaging company to order the wooden box or packaging film for complete packaging. The designated cooperative logistics company will deliver the goods to the customer's door in a special vehicle. The whole process is transparent and can be monitored.

  • Production lead time of equipment

    Most of the equipment is delivered within 7 days from the time of signing the contract to the completion of production (except for a few large equipment models, the specific period will be indicated in the contract).

  • How to place an order?

    First of all, consult whether the product is applicable to which type of equipment. After determining the equipment, send samples or drawings, pay for the mold to customize the mold. After the mold is produced, install the machine and use the cloth sample provided by the customer. When the satisfactory effect is achieved, sign the contract and start the production of the equipment.

  • Principle of ultrasound

    During the operation of the ultrasonic generator, the ultrasonic energy is transmitted to the welding head through the ultrasonic transducer and the sharp vibration friction is generated with the cutter die, so as to achieve the shear effect, making the shear product more beautiful, more firm, and more efficient and efficient.

  • Which fabrics can be processed?

    It can be used for all kinds of chemical fiber fabrics, non-woven fabrics, hot-melt fabrics, towel cloth, dust-free fabrics, etc. 99% of the fabrics can be used.

  • Purpose of our equipment

    The products are widely used in many fields such as clothing, bags, hardware, electronics, packaging, etc.

  • What kind of enterprise are we?

    Founded in February 2001, Runcheng Equipment is a source factory dedicated to research, development, production and sales. Its main projects include ultrasonic belt cutting machine, slitting machine, glove machine, boot cover machine, rope cutting machine, dust-free cloth cutting machine, national flag machine, etc.

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