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A one-piece high-speed slitting machine RT-23G
A one-piece high-speed slitting machine RT-23G
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Suitable for all kinds of release paper, aluminum foil, leather release paper, car clothing, car film, EB furniture film, toilet paper, OPP washable label, coated paper, carbonless paper, cigarette paper, kraft paper, cellophane, double Slitting, rewinding, laminating, peeling, etc. of surface tape, white paper, PVC plastic and other materials. Used in automobile, food, electronics, new energy, flexible packaging, sanitary products, pharmaceutical products and other industries.

1. PLC touch screen control, automatic taper tension, dual-axis center coiling, stable and simple operation, and high degree of automation;

2. Driven by three servo motors, acceleration and deceleration are rapid and stable;

3. The system has functions such as automatic meter counting, automatic calculation of roll diameter, automatic alarm and shutdown;

4. Circular knife slitting and automatic waste suction device;

5. Hydraulic automatic loading device;

6. Photoelectric EPC automatic correction system;

7. Automatic ultrasonic coil diameter detection and infrared automatic straight pipe alignment;

8. Dual-slip differential shaft/double inflatable shaft dual-purpose rewinding system (the inflatable shaft is standard configuration, and the slip differential shaft is optional);

9. After the material is slit, the double rewinding reels are semi-automatically discharged and equipped with a semi-automatic unloading device, which is very convenient for unloading;

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