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"Unveiling Excellence: Highlights from Shenzhen's Tapes and Film Slitting Machines Exhibition 2023"
 Oct 16, 2023|View:206

Event: Shenzhen Tapes and Film Slitting Machines Exhibition

Date: October 2023

Hosted by: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center


lOur booth was a hub of innovation, drawing visitors from all corners of the world.

lOur knowledgeable team engaged in insightful discussions about our cutting-edge products.

lOur precision-designed machines stole the spotlight, leaving the audience in awe.

lNetworking opportunities galore – potential collaborations are on the horizon.

lIt wasn't just business; it was a celebration of tech, innovation, and craft.

At Changzhou Runcheng Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., we're committed to excellence in this industry.A huge thank you to all our supporters, and if you missed the event, reach out for more info on our products and services. Stay tuned for more updates!




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